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Durapak At National Ploughing Championships Tues 23rd – Thurs 25th Sept 2014

Durapak will be exhibiting at the National Ploughing Championships this week in Stradbally in Co Loais from Tuesday 23rd to Thursday 25th  of September.

On the stand you be  able to see the top performing Durapak Slatted Rubber which came out on top in Teagasc Beef Trials with an extra 14kg of  carcass weight over and above bare concrete slats.

Also on Display will be the Durapak range of cubicle mats including standard EVA mats, two and four sided Interlocking Link mats, Continuous Rubber for cubicles & for open areas, milking parlour mats as well as rubber mats for cubicles.
In the crop packaging area will be Durapak Hi-Tac and Megawrap stretch films for round bale silage and a range of netwraps including Durapak’s 3000m and 3600m products as well as 3600m Tama.

Duranets, Silonets and Silobags will also be on display. Duranets are used as anti –bird netting to prevent damage taking place at clamps and stacks of round bales .Silobags can be used along the sides of silage pits to keep the polyethylene in  position and prevent air entering the clamps thus ensuring  well preserved silage all the time.

Biocell lac is a live yeast immersed in Lactose and MOS for addition to milk or milk replacer for calves.  It increases dry matter intake and leads to an increase daily liveweight gain in calves of the order of 8% has been recorded in trials. Biocell lac is available in a 5kg tub which is enough to treat 24 calves fir six weeks  (1000 treatments).

Elephant Baler Twine including fine, medium and heavy twines for round, small square and large square baling will be on display . In general Durapak twines are between 15% and 20% heavier  than other twines on the market.